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Serving the greater Snohomish community since 1999, our clinic provides classic massage therapy for relaxation, wellness, medical and rehabilitation purposes.

Our Services

Located in Snohomish, Washington, Classic Massage Clinic has been serving the community since 1999. We have several licensed massage practitioners to serve you. Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 8pm, and Saturday from 9am to 3pm. Additional hours may be available, by appointment.

Relaxation & Wellness Massage

Massage therapy has been pr oven to be one of the most effective methods for achieving stress relief and provide relaxation, relieve tension associated with the daily stresses. A wellness massage has long strokes, kneading, and friction on the muscles and movement of the joints to aid flexibility.

Treatment & Rehabilitation Massage

Massage therapy is effective in preventing physical dysfunction, the control of pain, chronic or acute, and can increase function, strength and flexibility of an injured or overused sight of the body. The treatment is goal oriented and is intended to relax the soft tissues, and increasing circulation and oxygen and nutrients into tissues which helps facilitate the body’s response to heal. The manual therapy manipulates the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, often varying pressure and movement by use of hands and fingers, but may use forearms and elbows.

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